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Schedule for 2011


Schedule is subject to change, depending on when additional information is received.

March 25-27 Springfield KY, - NCWAA School of the Piece/BMA Field Training (BMA Max Effort)

April 8-10 Big Hill, KY, — Kentucky Orphan Brigade Training Camp. More details to follow (KOB Max Effort)

May 20-22 Sacramento, KY – Battle of Sacramento. Our usual homecoming event. (BMA Max Effort)

May 28 Ft. Knox, KY – Patton Museum hosting a time-line (Gracey’s/Waters’ Max Effort)

May 29 West Point, KY – Civil War Day at Fort Duffield (Gracey’s/Waters’ Max Effort)

June 18-19 New Haven, KY —Train Robbery (Father's Day Weekend) Morgan’s Raid (Civil War)

July 8-10 Corydon, IN – Morgan’s Raid/Battle of Corydon (BMA Max Effort)

August 12-14 Springfield, MO – Battle of Wilson’s Creek (Buckner’s Max Effort) May be limits on artillery. Coordinate with Captain Lay if you wish to attend.

September 9-11, Fort Recovery, OH — Civil War Days, Meals, usual amenities, $150 powder bounty, more info to follow.

September 9-11 Prestonsburg, KY  — Battle of Middle Creek, (

September 17-18 New Haven, KY —Train Robbery Bootlegger’s Revenge (1880’s)

September 17-18 Barbourville, KY —150th Battle of Barbourville, coordinate through Lt. Neff if you wish to attend.

September 25-27 Lawrenceburg, KY — Civil War Skirmish, at Lawrenceburg. More info to come.  (Waters’ Battery max effort)

October 1-2 New Haven, KY — Train Robbery Wild West (1880’s)

October 7-9 Columbus, KY — 150th Battle of Columbus-Belmont,  Located in Hickman Co. KY More details to follow

October 14-16, Livingston, KY – 150th Battle of Camp Wildcat (BMA Max Effort)

November 5-6 New Haven, KY —Train Robbery Federal Gold (Post Civil War)